Corporate Event

Corporate Event is a Best Chance to promote our Company product and Services in a good Professional Pressure Free Environment. Corporate Event also provides a Chance to Show the image of our Company. To day a number of Event management Companies in India. Our Company Connexions is also an Event Management company which is Comprising a Group of Talented, Innovative and Dedicated Employees. We can say that Corporate Events are the catalyst for new relationship to be built. Corporate Events present the Opportunity to show our Business as a Unique, Strong, and Stable organization in the Market. Corporate Events are able to able to Develop new relationship as well as it also able to create an opportunity to meet new clients and customers to us. Great Corporate events also have capability to establish a strengthen relationship and show our business attributes and unique offerings.

Popular Corporate Events

Seminars and Conferences

Seminars are shorter events; time Consumed usually half day or Whole day. There is only single or multiple speakers keep all the participants together. Generally Conference is planned for One day, Two day or Sometimes Longer. These are typically held at Hotels, and they hold breakout session by topic. Connexions offers corporate event with a difference of a good atmosphere of elegance and tranquility. Our dedication of staff and professional staff, and our facilities will organize a successful event, whether it is a Conference, Seminar, or any other Corporate Event. We get a number of benefits by attending a conference or seminar such as we learn new things from presenters. These events enable us to evaluate latest technologies which help us to grow our business. we can learn about facts and statics.

Connexions Services:

  • Theming and Decorating Services
  • Ample Car Parking.
  • Flexible Menu style and Catering options
  • Photocopy, Computer and Email Services
  • Accommodation Service

Trade Show

Trade shows attended by Great organizations as a Lead generation activity or they reinforcing their image as a Company leader among all members, Customers, Suppliers. The first step is to attend one of the national or international trade show which offer excellent educational and networking opportunity. Trade show offers to Companies a way to get their products and services in front of many customers.
Trade show have a number of benefits which are listed below:

  • Lower Cost Per Sale: Trade show provides customers to interact with the Companies, it Reduce cost per sale.
  • Publicity of Goods and Time Saving: Trade show offers publicity of products of Company and We can save a lots of valuable time because Trade Show take care of buyers , and enable them to make quick purchasing decisions of products.
  • Testing a new Product in Market: Trade show offers a great platform to the Companies to introduce their new goods to the market, for which they receive instant reviews from users.
  • Gathering Market Knowledge on Industry: Through the Trade show corporate event Companies can gather their Market intelligence of their Industry in the World.

Executive Retreat and Incentive Programs

Executive Retreats and incentive trips require more attention to site selection, lodging & transportation, and other activities. These programs also have all aspects of Event planning. An Executive Retreat may be just that what our organization needs in order to stimulate, and inspire. An Executive retreats will take your brightest and best place in an environment. Executive Retreats provides us an opportunity for senior leadership teams to get away, renew and recommit. Executive Retreat inspires our team to be more fully aligned and focused on the right priorities. It replenishes both physical and mental resources.

Golf Events

It is the most popular event at every organization; here relationship management is the primary objective. During the planning phase of Golf event there is important to keep all internal clients on track. By adding golf events into our Business plan is a great way of Creating and Building excellent, long live Business relationships. Golf Corporate Event gives us no.
Of benefits to our Business among Which some are listed below:-

  • It Reward and Motivate employees and executives.
  • It provides Strengthen Relationship with Customers and our Clients.
  • Corporate Event Attract New Clients towards our Company
  • It also Raise our Company’s Profile.

Appreciation Events

It allow event host to spend his informal time with its guests in a non traditional environment. Common Programs include: Dinner and theater, day and evening cruises, Holiday Parties etc.