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Post Wedding Preparations

The Indian Wedding Ceremonies boast of various rites and rituals that commence with the Pre-Wedding Ceremonies and conclude with the Post Wedding Ceremonies.

Like the Pre Wedding planning and the Main Wedding day celebrations, the Post Wedding Celebrations continue with great happiness and enthusiasm. After all the main day functions, still some more rituals need to be practiced after the wedding ceremony to complete the marriage ceremony.

Post Wedding Ceremonies observed in Indian Weddings include

Vidaai Ceremony

The popular Vidaai Ceremony also known as “Brides’ Departure” is a ceremonial Vidaai of the Bride from her maternal to the in-laws home. It is a teary farewell for the Bride and her parents but also sounds the commencement of a novel journey for the bride as she accompanies her husband to step into a new and different world of marital bliss.

Reception Ceremony

The Reception Party is another significant amongst the several Post-wedding rituals of India. It is a Social gathering which is organized by the Groom’s family to get the bride acquainted with the relatives, members of the extended family and friends of the groom. As a whole, the Indian Reception ceremony is just an extension of the wedding day and is characterized by opulence and splendor.

The Post Wedding Ceremonies add an additional zest to the whole affair, but unlike the grand Hindus' Post Wedding ceremonies the Muslim community prefers to keep their events a low-key affair. The reception is popular by the name of Dawat-e- walima.

So, it is not surprising that these, Post Wedding Ceremonies in India have attracted and still go on fascinating people from far and wide.

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