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Pre Wedding Preparations

Indian Weddings denote much more than decor, fineries, entertainment, wedding planners, mehendiwalas and flowers. First and foremost, it is a union of two heart and souls and secondly it is an occasions of rituals, customs and norms. Therefore, to make marriage a success a lot of Pre Wedding Ceremonies are performed.

Before the D-day a lot of Pre Wedding factors are taken into consideration, as they are considered to be auspicious and propitious for the forth coming wedding ceremony.

Some of the Pre Wedding ceremonies include

Engagement Ceremony

The Engagement ceremony marks the beginning of the marriage chord. It is a ceremony wherein the would be Bride and Groom exchange rings followed by an exchange of gifts, sweets, fruits etc between the two families.

Sangeet Ceremony

The Sangeet Ceremony or Ladies Sangeet is another major Pre wedding rituals exclusively for women. This function is held 2/3 days before the actual wedding, wherein the Ladies of the household sing and dance on wedding songs dedicated to marriage and bride.

Mehendi Ceremony

Another ceremony which is held days before is the Mehendi Ceremony. This is usually held at the Bride’s place on the eve of the wedding ceremony. A Mehendiwali is called who designs intricate designs on Bride’s palms, wrists, arms, legs and feet.

Haldi Ceremony

Haldi Ceremony is also regarded as an auspicious occasion which is held a day before the wedding day. At this, both the Bride and the Groom are applied with a Haldi paste (made of Turmeric, Rosewater and Sandalwood). Mainly the female relatives and friends take part in this ceremony. Traditionally it is believed that applying Haldi paste to the bride will add beauty to her complexion.

In India each region has a different way of celebrating the Pre wedding ceremonies. Indian wedding ceremonies last for few days and form an integral part of the elaborate Indian weddings and further add to the charm of the wedding celebrations.

Tilak Ceremony

The wedding celebrations begin days before the actual wedding day and last weeks after that. In between the wedding day and the formal finalization of marriage, several pre-wedding ceremonies take place. These pre-wedding rituals are actually traditional customs that are considered to be auspicious for the forth coming wedding as well as the married life of the would-be couple.

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