How turn a dream wedding into reality ?

1. Why a wedding planner?

If you or someone you know is getting married there are quite a few emotions flying around: stress, anxiety, tension and maybe even a little fear, this is the time to think of hiring a Wedding Planner.
A Wedding Planner comes to you as a consultant with professional advice to guide you through the arduous task of planning your wedding. They understand your needs and make a wedding, which reflects your style, taste and personality, all within your desired budget.

2. Will hiring Connexions be expensive for me?

Not at all. With Connexions you need not worry about ballooning budgets. Our services are tailored to suit your finances comfortably. In fact, our large database ensures that you get the best deals at the most affordable rates. We negotiate on your behalf to get you excellent rates and exclusive add-on services from our service providers. With the benefits and savings that you’ll make, you can well recover the expense of hiring us.

3. Can Connexions plan and co-ordinate weddings in India for NRIs?

Certainly. We understand the special needs of NRIs and can organize the entire wedding while they are far away. With fewer visits to India, they can save considerable time and money. Our regular online updates about the arrangements, will keep them informed and they can have a grand wedding – without relying on relatives and making frequent trips to India.

4. Can Connexions provide its services everywhere in India?

Yes. We have a network of offices across India. Our wedding coordinators can travel to any location of your choice to organize the wedding.

5. Does Connexions provide me with services only for a particular ceremony – like the Sagaai, the Mehendi or the Reception?

Of course. We can provide services for a particular function if not the entire wedding. From the intricate rituals & customs in these ceremonies to decorations, menu, venue & entertainment – we take care of everything.

6. Does Connexions customize its services to suit my individual needs?

Whatever your needs may be, Connexions is at your service. Be it a glamorous theme wedding, an exotic destination wedding or a simple ceremony at home – we can customize our services to suit your individual requirements. All well within your budget.

7. Does Connexions also provide matrimonial services?

No. Connexions does not offer assistance in matchmaking. We are wedding planners who co-ordinate your wedding after you have found the partner of your choice.

8. How does Connexions charge for it services?

We charge a one-time flat fee, depending upon the services you would like to avail of from us. There are no hidden costs. You do not have to worry about inflated bills and excessive payments. In fact, the cost of hiring our services are easily offset by the savings and benefits you accrue.

9. I want a wedding that is ‘one of a kind’. What does Connexions have to offer?

For a unique celebration, we can organize an exotic destination wedding for you. Be it in the rejuvenating Ayurvedic backdrop of Kerala, the exhilarating white-waters of Rishikesh, the splendid ambience of a palace in Rajasthan or the golden beaches of Goa – we’ll arrange a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience for you and your family. We’ll do more than organizing the entire wedding at your choice of destination – we’ll also take care of other essential details like travel, accommodation and sight-seeing.

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