Royal Weddings in Deogarh

Royal Weddings in Deogarh


India is one of the most sought destinations in the world for Palace Weddings. It is the land that reverberates with the tales of romance and chivalry. If one wants to get married in a way like the royals do, a palace wedding in Deogarh is the best idea.

The Palace Wedding in Deogarh Mahal and will definitely make it a once in a lifetime experience.

The Deogarh palace was built in 1670 A.D. It is an exquisite collection of miniature paintings of the royal family adorning the walls, the colorful hall of mirrors, great lighting and breathtaking views. The combination of Rajput and Mughal architectures when combined with world class amenities, adds charm to the Palace Wedding in Deogarh, which is unforgettable. This splendid heritage palace offers a unique venue for wedding.

Deogarh Mahal is a perfect place for Palace Wedding because it is situated atop on a beautiful hillock. The breathtaking views of Aravali Mountain range and numerous beautiful lakes across the countryside are captivating. The Deogarh Palace is situated in the heart of Deogarh which is just 135 km from Ajmer. Deogarh Palace is 1 km away from Railway station as well as from the city bus terminals . The nearest airports from the Palace are in Udaipur and Jodhpur.

Special features

Great food, music, and fire crackers will be an indispensable part of your royal Palace Wedding in Deogarh. This traditional wedding will continue for three days which covers various functions like Sangeet, Jai Mala, the actual Wedding and post wedding ceremonies. At the Deogarh Mahal, we take full responsibility to make the wedding a treasured event. The guests get a royal treatment at the wedding with the celebrations mostly covered by the media from over the country.