Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering



The wedding feast has served many a purpose -

it is a social gathering of families and friends, with the newly weds as witness to the event, as also a gourmet affair to cherish and remember. The history of wedding feasts in India can be traced back through the din and conversation to the public feasts for Brahmins or 'samardhanas'. Today, it is an affair not only more elaborate but also one that requires careful and meticulous planning.

Connexions makes this tedious task as easy and comfortable by:

Helping you select a suitable caterer
A suitable caterer for the wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies.(Sometimes, your choice of caterer may be linked to the venue you choose as all hotels and banquet halls provide their own catering facilities.)

Drawing up the menu plan
Incorporating elements from your traditional cuisine as well as in keeping with the theme you have chosen.

Checking the menu and equipment
We ensure a taste of the caterer's culinary skills before finalising on any menu. His dinnerware, silverware, serving dishes, glassware, cutlery and linen are also checked to ensure cleanliness.

Taking care of the seating arrangements
Seating arrangements including name cards for sit down dinners and table arrangements.

Ensuring the proper placement
Proper placement of stalls, signages, decor in case of buffet dinners.

Arranging for special requests
Request such as a cake for the reception, confetti to shower and even coordinated music; or going the traditional way and arranging a 'chaatwala', a 'paanwala' or even a 'supariwala'.