Royal Weddings in Samode

Royal Weddings in Samode


Samode Information

On the outskirt of Shekhawati and deep in the desert, Samode is a small village in the royal Indian State of Rajasthan. Samode is famous for its forts and palaces. It is 42 km away from the capital city Jaipur (also popularly known as the Pink City). Against the backdrops of stony hills lies the large sprawling Samode Palace (Haveli) which reflects the serene splendor. Samode is famous for mainly Samode Palace and Samode Bagh. Adorned with original paintings and mirror work, the exquisite Diwan-i-Khas is the probably important part of the Samode Palace. Samode is an ideal desert gateway.

Exotic Locations in Samode

1. Samode Palace : One of India's most charming and romantic hotels, Samode Palace is a perfect royal wedding destination. Wedding in Samode Palace is a perfect way to capture the essence of royal wedding. Hotel Samode Palace offers a quiet, stylish and comfy ambiance. The hotel provides modern hospitality, accommodation, services, cuisine and amenities.

2. Samode Bagh: Situated at the distance of 4 km from Samode Palace, Samode Bagh is called as a garden paradise. This beautiful garden covers the area of 20 acres and enclosed by a 15 foot high stone wall. Get the unique experience of an air-conditioned tented camp where the dunes colored tents are lavishly furnished with every comfort. Samode Bagh is an ideal spot for celebrating weddings, Anniversaries, birthdays & other parties.