Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

Connexions has organized very successful weddings, both at indoor and outdoor venues. Basically, one should look for a place that can be transformed into what is needed for a dream wedding. Other factors such as what look is required is also an important deciding factor; for example, a natural, beautiful look or an elegant, banquet feel? The excellent rapport which Connexions shares with the Venue Managers at all is an added asset in ensuring that the Banquets team and the special events company Connexions, work smoothly, as a team in ensuring that the function is a success.


Organizing a wedding does not end with finding a perfect groom and a beautiful wedding dress. One also needs to decide a perfect venue for wedding. It is necessary to find a good venue for wedding ceremony. Wedding day is a special day and so is a memorable day in one’s life. One selects a wedding venue that suits the wedding to its best.


It is necessary to make a wise decision and not decide for the venue in a hurry. It is better to search for a wedding venue in advance as it becomes difficult to get a good venue later. One needs to book the venue atleast 6 months in advance to avoid the last minute hurry and avoid compromising on the wedding venue selection.

The wedding venue should be decided keeping in mind the number of people expected to attend the wedding. The parking space should also be considered while selecting a wedding venue. One needs to select a venue that suits ones budget. The wedding venue should be at an easy reach for all the guests and should be near to the bride’s and groom’s place of residence.

Special features

The wedding venue could be selected to best suit the wedding. The venue could be decorated using various themes and color combinations and accessories. Nowadays unique wedding venues can be selected for holding a wedding ceremony. People select various unique wedding venues like beaches, lawns, gardens, etc. However, the venue should be selected to best suit the wedding and the budget.