The application of mehendi on the girl's hands and feet was at one time done by the female relatives or friends. Today, however, the occasion usually involves the application of " Mehendi" not just on the bride - to - be but also for her friends and relatives by professionals, accompanied by singing, dancing, rejoicing, and feasting.

Connexions offers:
  • Suggestions for professional Mehendi waalis / waalas, including coordination and supervision of their services.
  • Gifts for mehendi from the groom's side for the bride.
  • Gift ideas for return gifts.
  • Decor suggestions, supervision, coordination and implementation if required.
  • Suggestions for catering, supervision, coordination and implementation if required
  • Music - suggestions, supervision, and coordination.
Mehendi / Bridal make-up :

We have some of the leading bridal make-up artists of Eastern India to give high-quality beauty treatment.

For the bride

Full legs and arms