Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Most of us have some sort of a budget in mind. By creating a written budget, you can estimate the total cost of the wedding and keep track of where and how the money is being spent.

The first step is to prioritize the items on your list, from the most important to the least important. This helps you decide what you absolutely must have, and what you could possibly do without.

Traditionally, it is the bride and her family who incur most of the costs of the wedding. However, modern Indian weddings can be quite costly, and therefore a lot of people are sharing expenses.

For instance, a joint reception can be organized instead of separate ones for the groom's side and bride's side. Also, a joint sangeet can be organized.

Wedding Services:

The budget of the Wedding depends up on How many functions are there, Where do you want to organize & How many persons will attend each event .

Budget of the Wedding/Event is spent on the following services, to be comfortable, one can pre decide the percentage of Budget, wants to spend on these services.

  • Designer Invitations & Accompaniments.
  • Trousseau Packaging & Placement.
  • Venues & Accommodation.
  • Sets, Themes, Concepts & Decorations:
  • Menu Planning, F & B and Bar Tendering Services.
  • Designers & Accessories.
  • Choreography, Music & Entertainment. Wedding Jaimala Themes.
  • Photography : Still & Video.
  • Rental Services Like: Security, Hostesses, Travel & Transport. Royal Procession. Fire Works.
  • Wedding and Hospitality Management.