Photographer & Videographer

Photographer & Videographer

Wedding is a very special occasion for the people who are getting married and everyone wants to capture the beautiful moments to make them eternal. This is where the Wedding Photography comes into the picture. Wedding Photography is not only used to capture the moments but also to make it a cherishable experience for lifetime. It includes both still and moving photography. Still photography constitutes of photographs done up in albums whereas moving photography constitutes of video tapes and CDs.

Still Wedding Photography constitutes of making of decorative albums. Photographs that are to be pasted in the albums relating to the different occasions like the engagement ceremony and different rituals before and after the wedding day. Special Wedding Photography is done on the wedding day with the bride and the groom in their wedding dresses. The wedding ceremony is covered elaborately in Wedding Photography.

Moving Wedding Photography is done using a video camera. It becomes more interesting to watch all the actions being replayed after a period of time. This type of photography is again used to capture all the special moments before, after and during the marriage. This also includes separate and elaborate photography of both the bride and the groom.

Nowadays, many girls and boys get special albums done during their weddings. These albums include their still photographs in different postures. These photographs are put into the albums with different layouts. Wedding albums can be customized by writing captions. The wedding albums are divided into various sections each covering a particular ceremony. Moving photography is also similarly divided into various categories and each is covered into a different CD. Photographs and videos are also done of the couples with the relatives, friends and guests.

Coordination with videographer in terms of settings and editing, background music, backdrops, special effects, digital mixing, and lighting etc. The job of videotaping is both complex and expensive. Keeping in view the chaos, excitement, and constant movement and the number of people involved in the wedding ceremonies, it is imperative to work out all the details beforehand.

Finally, we also undertake the tedious task of selection of photographs and albums, checking of proofs or raw footage as the case may be, and coordination in ordering pictures as well as videotapes.